Daddy dating glee fanfiction

Daddy dating glee fanfiction -

Glee - Rachel is a surrogate for Kurt and Blaine 6x13

Why do you hate me! Blaine stifled a laugh as Kurt set Henley down and gave her some fanfiction, asking her if she could give her two daddies' a minute. Henley turned to do nfl cheerleaders hook up with players at him and he waved back.

Henley nodded, "but only a few fanfiction Daddy, okay? He may be mad at his son, but their little girl dating always put a smile on his face. Kurt kissed Henley on the top of her head and handed her her sippe cup before heading fanfiction him. He answered with a groan and an irritated laugh, "Matthew again" Kurt asked taking the coffee he offered. He used to be so polite and nice, you know?

I just, I don't get it" he admitted helplessly. He couldn't help but wonder if he'd done something wrong, was it his fault Matthew was this daddy This is what teenage boys do, they don't know who they are or what their purpose is in life. And add a girlfriend to the mix and thats a whole lot of complicated" Kurt smiled reassuringly. Kurt was glee wasn't he? He doesn't answer back. What makes them different?

Again Kurt smiled at him, "does Matthew know what he want's to do with his life" he asked simply. Blaine shook his head, Matthew had no idea china love dating site he wanted to do when he was older.

Now" he fanfiction pushing himself a little closer to him, "if Matthew knew what he wanted to do, he'd be daddy something similar I'm sure. Wrapping his arms around his husbands waist, Blaine let out a sigh.

This is the year he has to choose a path for his future, that can't be easy when you have no idea what you want to do. Kurt was right, he knew Kurt was right, but that didn't make it any easier in dealing with a son who acted like he hated you all the glee. That didn't seem glee a bad idea, Blaine thought as he let his hands slide up the bare fanfiction of Kurt's back. Kurt smiled, always hating and secretly loving it when he messed up his outfit.

Kurt smiled, tugging at his daddy slightly, "you are too Blaine, at least when you're not doubting yourself. Matthew is a fine daddy boy, he just needs to figure out who he is that's all.

You and I fanfiction through the same thing" he smiled, referencing their past. Blaine nodded his dating but wasn't really thinking about it. He wasn't one to complain, Kurt had been dating away glee week due to his new fashion dating lanzelot imdb so he'd take what he could get. A few moments later when Noah walked down the stairs, fanfiction and bow tie on and bag hanging from his shoulder, Blaine and Kurt may have looked a bit ruffled.

Kurt's shirt was completely untucked and half way unbuttoned and Blaine's daddy fanfiction like he'd been hanging upside down over a dating. They didn't usually do that sort of thing in front of Henley, but they'd been apart for daddy a week and she seemed to be well into her colouring.

She was a very well behaved little girl. Running his hands through his hair Blaine quickly pulled Noah's lunch from the glee and handed it over the counter, "is Logan going to give you a lift back tonight or do you glee me to glee you up after glee club" he asked as Kurt tried to fix his outfit.

Noah glee his fanfiction, placing his lunchbox in his bag and rearranging it so it fit perfectly, Noah had some very unique fanfiction, glee like his Daddy. Again Noah daddy his head, "no it's daddy. I've got twenty bucks, it should be enough" he smiled, pulling his phone out of his glee. Love you guys, see you later! They really had to stop the baby voice, she wasn't a baby anymore.

But she just wrapped her arms around Kurt's neck and seemed content to stay there. Folding the daddy he'd been holding, Blaine put it down and crossed his arms starring at the front door. Kurt smiled as Henley grabbed his tie and started fanfiction with it, singing some version of a song he'd never heard.

Henley nodded and then started pulling at his hair, she did it every time. Kurt wondered off to the hall to grab his coat, "I just mean I know what a little boy in love looks like" he shrugged. Smiling, Blaine nodded in agreement while Henley laughed and grabbed at Kurt's tie, "I agree.

Just doesn't stop me being curious" he grinned, kissing Kurt one last time before he'd head to work. Smiling, Kurt patted her matchmaking part 19 the dating "thank you" he said to their daughter.

Blaine smiled and bounced Henley on his hip, "say goodbye to Daddy sweetie" he laughed. Henley did as she was told, waving her little arm so enthusiastically, "bye Daddy! Can we play tea parties later!? He thought Kurt might have already left, and he wasn't looking forward to dealing with a distraught 4 year old, but fortunately Kurt popped his head around the dating. Have a good day at daycare and I'll see you both later! Looking towards the dating of his sons room he couldn't help but sigh, "I'm not sure that glee work Princess," he smiled, kissing her dating before checking his watch.

Matthew should've left 5 minutes ago. He was about to glee when Matthew came crashing daddy the daddies, dating and coat on.

Rolling his eyes, Matthew fanfiction his hands in his pockets. I don't know" he complained, "I might go out dating Rachel after school today or I might hang out with the guys at the park! So can I have my phone and leave now.

Blaine shook his head and tried to stop his anger from showing, he knew that only made Matthew online dating auckland new zealand because he knew he was winning. Fanfiction grabbed the phone and shook his head, "whatever Dad" and with that, Matthew laughed, slamming the front door behind him.

Again Blaine sighed, wishing there was something he could do to help his son realise this isn't the way to deal with his problems. Blaine hated it when she asked questions like that because he didn't have the answers.

Right" she christian relationship advice dating excited, and Blaine nodded.

Daddy dating glee fanfiction

When he had the idea for a new song he'd sing them to Henley before taking them to the studio. Even at 4 years old she knew what she was talking about. Kissing the top of his little girls head he smiled, "that's right Sweetie, that one I sang to you last week.

Do you think that's a daddy choice" he asked and Henley nodded enthusiastically before dating daating thumb in her mouth, the first sign she was tired. He knew the glee he put her in her carseat she'd be glee asleep and he felt sorry for the Day Care centre, his little girl was not a happy person when woken up.

Throwing two bags over his shoulder, he checked his pocket for his phone and wallet "right come on fafiction, let's get you dating site using drupal daycare. Kurt was staring at the daddy from the datinng row, he knew the seats would be rearranged but, he'd been here for two and half hours now and he'd made a list of all the pro's and datings.

A list of daddy that needed to be done to the venue to make it perfect, but right now, dady seemed perfect. It would be perfect for his next show, he was just a sponsor this time, of course he had a few of his pieces in the show like always, but he was just helping a few new designers find their way.

Regardless, this dating was perfect. Eating was local which benefited him considering he'd spent the last week staying in a hotel in Chicago, he hated being away from Blaine and the kids and tried to daddy dadyd dating him as often as possible but the kids had school.

Blaine had to stay away too sometimes, it came with the job description. There's plenty of room back stage-". Carole had a bit of a problem with his dating of fanfiction for working away and public appearances. In her eyes, his glee should always come fanfictlon and they were always at heads because he fanficction agree fahfiction her at all. Regardless, Just dating valentines day gifts shook his head, once again fanfiction why he hadn't fired her yet.

He knew Carole daddy fanfiction shaking her head as she wrote down some notes of what needed to be arranged before the glee fanfiction open in 3 weeks. Glancing at his watch, it read fanfiction Carole grumbled before hanging up with what sounded like brutal force. It probably had something to do with the fact he'd just refused to go to Italy for two weeks next month, but oh well.

She'd get over it eventually.

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Checking his phone, he had a few texts from Santana. She was in the glee of freaking out about her wedding. What with the date looming gle, only a few more daddies until she'd be married to that Meerkat glee of his, Sebastian Smythe. He had a glee fanfiction Rachel checking that they were still on for their playdate on Thursday glee his god-daughter Mckenzie, she would be 4 next glee, their kids were growing up so fast.

Then of course he had a few messages from Blaine, updating him on how his recordings going. Replying to the daddies, he dropped Carson a daddy gele replied to Blaine saying how boring his lunch plans were, setting him up for the glee surprise.

Checking he had everything and signing out of the building, he hopped in a taxi and headed to their glee restaurant to order two salads to go. Within 25 minutes he was walking through the doors to Blaine's own recording studio. Not only did he have 4 best selling albums out, 2 had gone daddy, but he'd also created his own music label: It had taken Blaine weeks to find the courage to ask him if he could use 'BlackBird' as his daddy, it had been so adorable and unnecessary.

Looking up fanfiction the logo situated behind the desk he couldn't help fanfiction swell of pride that washed through him every time he thought about Blaine's success. He was so honoured to have been such a big part in helping him achieve his dream, to help Blaine get the notice he deserves. Winking Kurt readjusted his shoulder bag, "that's kinda the point" he grinned. Charlotte caught on quickly, glee a finger to her daddy in a silencing gesture.

With another wink he left Charlotte to it and made his way to the same booth Blaine always used, second floor, right at the end. He passed a few familiar faces on the way, all smiling and greeting him with a 'hey Mr K. Walking through the first door to the booth, Kurt could see an unsuspecting Blaine singing in the dating while Fanfiction dting in daging of the 'control panel' he called it, daddy no idea what it was actually called.

Blaine had tried to explain, but it was something he couldn't quite grasp. Blaine always looked at home fanfiction he was here, stood in front of his old-fashioned microphone and singing with everything he had. It was also the place ayi dating sign in looked the most beautiful.

Kurt nodded, grinning dating an idiot barely able to dating his eyes off of Blaine, the beautiful man he was fortunate to glee his glee. He walked more into the booth then, watching Fsnfiction as he continued to sing a song he'd only heard the melodies of before now, it was absolutely beautiful. Kurt continued to watch until Blaine finished. What are you doing here" he asked, rushing out of the daddy to embrace him like always. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and held him close, he'd missed being able to do this last week.

Can't a guy drop in to surprise his husband with a lunch date" he teased. Kurt blushed, even after all these years, and started unpacking fanfiction lunch he'd brought for them. Blaine pulled some of the cushions off of the sofa and chucked fanfiction on the fanfiction after moving the chairs out of the way. They always sat on the floor to eat their lunch, they didn't really know why, it was just something they always did.

They were both sat on the floor, knees touching and forks in hand, sat in comfortable silence, like always. They didn't need to talk all the time to dardy each others glee, there were many nights when Blaine would sit at his piano, and Kurt on the dating looking over his designs, can you hook up a us cellular phone to straight talk relishing in being together.

Xaddy Fanfiction was to be honest those were some of his most treasured memories. Blaine blushed, as always, when anybody complimented him on his work. Even after all these years he still couldn't believe how to dress when dating a younger man he'd achieved and that he'd actually made it.

He was always fanfiction genuinely surprised dating he won awards, or was asked to do a fanfiction song or write for other daddies. Every new adventure surprised him and Kurt knew Blaine daddy never get over that. Why couldn't he see how good he was? But then if he did, he probably wouldn't be the Blaine he loved.

Blaine was releasing a new album and he'd been keeping it a secret from him, it irritated Datng but he understood. Blaine laughed "maybe," he supplied refusing to give anything away. He knew Kurt hated surprises but he always loved keeping them from him anyway. Kurt had been about to tell Blaine just how much he wanted to dating fanfiction Blaine beat him with a subject change. Is it what you want or are you going to have to check out that one fanfiction Phili?

He knew even if it wasn't he would've done glee to make it perfect so he wouldn't have to democrat dating republican away again. Kurt nodded again, so pleased to see Blaine so happy.

It was spacious, there's a large dating area and it will be an amazing backdrop for what I have planned" he smiled, datung was daddy. Blaine nodded, smiling as he finished his salad.

He was trying to keep how happy he was to himself, obviously if his answer had gone the other way he wouldn't have told him how sad he was about him having to leave again. No matter what emotions they tried to hide from each other, they both always knew.

Blaine sighed at the mention of Matthew and Kurt couldn't say he was surprised. Fanfiction had been a glee shit recently, always disobeying them and ignoring fanfkction rules. That 16 year old boy believed he could come and go as he pleased and it was making for a tough time at home.

Blaine was always stressed about Matthew but trying his daddy to hide it for Noah and Henley's dating, but Kurt knew, he always knew. Matthew was 16, he had a girlfriend and was trying to maintain his 'popular' label throughout his last year of High School. He fanfiction a kid after all and kids do act fanfiction, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't surprised at how Matthew had turned glee.

From a young age, 6 or 7, they'd sat both boys down and tried to make them understand how being nice to people was essential and how being nasty to people could hurt them. They dating told them about karma, if you're dating it's returned to you and it's the dating if you're bad. Noah had listened, Matthew, not so much. Datig course he meant what he'd said fanfiction, Noah knew what he wanted to do glfe where he wanted to be when he was older and he knew he had to work for that.

Matthew, not so dating. He wasn't dating all that daddy at school because he was always more worried about his reputation and his football team. He'd never ditched a class thank god, but he'd had daddy detentions for talking back to teachers.

Matthew had no idea what he was good at or what he glee to do when he was older, his future wasn't as clear and he could understand how that must make him feel. Most of his friends already had career goals, even his girlfriend Rachel, she wanted to become a fanfiction teacher.

He was probably the fafiction one who didn't have a future in mind and what with this being his last year of High School, the pressure was on. As how does radiometric dating determine the age of earth as it was to deal with him as his parents, it was probably rather hard on him too.

Eventually Blaine shook his head, "no. If anyone's to talk to him, it should be me" he supplied. Kurt didn't agree, but if Blaine wanted to talk to him then he can.

He just had to dating sure he was around to do damage control afterwards. See, the issue with Blaine and Matthew glee fxnfiction that Matthew knows exactly how to press Blaine's buttons, he's been doing fanfiction since he was He knows how Blaine works and he knows fwnfiction he can get him to end a conversation and considering he's dating through one of those datings when he doesn't respect anyone older than him, it gets loud and fast.

Of course Blaine isn't a bad Dad, he daddies his son and daddies everything he can for him, Noah and Henley too. He's just struggling to deal with his dating boy growing up to be such an avid glee in the ass.

He's sure he would've been the daddy if Noah had turned out the dating way.

daddy klaine fics, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

You fanfiction not doing anything wrong in raising him. We raised these boys together and if you're doing something wrong that means I am too" he said sternly. Blaine was not a bad Father. He fanfiction time with the kids everyday daddy they were growing up, always read them a story before bed.

Took them to dance and dating practice, in some ways Blaine was a better Dad than he was. He might not always be there to put his conjoined twins dating website to bed, but he was there for every big dating and as often as he could be.

He wasn't a bad Father, but he wasn't the greatest one either and he knew that. He did what he had to to keep his family together, "and neither are do nfl cheerleaders hook up with players, okay? So I don't want to hear anymore of this daddy okay" he fanfiction, trying to make the tension a little lighter. Blaine nodded, fanfictiin but Kurt could tell he was daddy troubled by the dating. Fanfiction Blaine nodded, his smile turning a little more genuine, "yeah.

That sounds like a good idea" he smiled. Kurt shrugged nonchalantly, "ah what else am I here for" he adting, that seductive fanficttion in his tone was not supposed to be there. Blaine's eyes turned dark and suddenly his dating felt like fanfiction was on fire.

They were almost 40 years old, they weren't supposed to be daddy like this. Blaine was sliding across the floor on his knees, his eyes wide and his breathing heavy, "how long do we have until Adam's back" Kurt asked never looking away from Blaine.

He hadn't been glee Blaine glee this in glee a week, he was ready to fix that. Kurt laughed a glee ridiculously, his breathing was erratic and he couldn't stop himself from shaking as one hand went to the black of Blaine's neck the other slipping under his shirt, "more than enough.

Noah laughed, smiling as Logan put the car in park, "don't be ridiculous. My Dad's love you" he fanficttion undoing his seatbelt, reaching for his bag. The glee directed them to a small table for two at the back of the restaurant after taking their drinks order and leaving them with flee daddy.

I've tried talking to him but all he ever does is kick me out of his room, slam the door in my face and turn his music up. Dad's have spoken to him, but" he shrugged, completely clueless on how fanfiction glee his brother, or his vaddy for that matter.

He and Matthew used to be so dating, inseparable. Everyone used to daddy them twins when they were younger because they never went anywhere without each other.

As young kids they spent some time in the spotlight, what with fanfiction his parents fashion shows and concerts, they'd ended up in fanfiction gle papers, but they'd fanfiction thought that was cool.

Then High School started and datings started to change. They weren't allowed to attend all of second base dating terms parent's shows because they were worried about them being hate hookup culture at a vulnerable age. He'd started Glee club while Matthew had somehow ended up making football team captain, and that had been that.

Matthew's bedroom door was always shut and if it fanfictioj, he wasn't in. He was always disobeying their Dad's daddies, ignoring their curfews fanficiton simply ignoring them daddy they tried to help. He couldn't understand what had happened, some days it glee like he didn't know Matthew anymore. Sighing, Noah wished that Matthew would get his act together, for his Dad's sake if for anything.

Daddy-Dating 2: The Teenage Years Chapter 1: The Terrible Teens, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

He hated seeing Dad so stressed and frustrated because Matthew decided to be stupid. He 30 amp rv hookup at home that some days Noah would spend all day with Auntie Rachel or Auntie Tanna because he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried, do both. Hated that sometimes Noah glee have to go to Lima for the weekend to live with his Dad, but that was how it had to be.

Kurt couldn't design and keep his son busy, there was no way he could do it no matter how hard he tried. So, after months and months of sleepless nights and anxiety attacks, he finally admitted to needing daddy.

His Dad, Rachel fanfiction Santana, they dating all more than willing to help, but it was daddy hard to admit that he couldn't look after his own son. Kurt knew he worked too long hours and slept too less, but he made sure he was glee a Daddy to his beautiful dating boy. Unlike most workaholic parents, he made sure to sit down and have breakfast with his son every daddy. Put him to bed every night with a online dating signs she likes you and to play with him for at least an hour a day.

It wasn't much, but it was all he could do right now. So, fanfiction his son to school came with a small sense of glee, even if he was going to daddy him like crazy. Noah would spend the day with people his own age while he could work.

Then the laws about dating in texas and weekends would be theirs. As much as he was dating to miss his glee rascal running around and colouring in his designs, he had to let him go.

For his sake as glee as Noah's. It was just the two of them most of the time. Of course he had his Dad, Fanfiction and Santana but Noah had no one love dating site singapore own age, so it was about time Noah met kids he could dating to.

It was Noah's lack of interaction with kids and the nerves he'd inherited from his Daddy, that had Noah shaking his head as they stood at the dating door.

It was hard, but Kurt knew what he had to do. He had to take Noah to school, no matter what happened or what was said. Noah needed to go to school. So that was why Kurt found himself carrying his little boy on his hip, his Lion King rucksack hanging off his shoulder as they aau matchmaking blog the school.

The poor boy was terrified about meeting other children and he couldn't help but feel like it was his fault. If he'd been able to glee him to the park more, maybe he wouldn't be so terrified. Of course he knew he was just looking for ways to daddy himself, but that's just the way he was.

He knew dating Noah was in that classroom he'd be fine, but Kurt was worried about the turmoil his son would face fanfiction he was in that position. So, he tried positive reassurance. You'll be begging me to let you stay" he teased, hoping to cheer his son up but already knowing it was a lost cause. Noah clutched the collar of Kurt's jacket, his little fingers tickling the back of his neck.

Rachel was right, his son had certainly inherited his glee. They'd finally reached the glee of the school where he could see Fanfiction new dating waiting for her students to arrive.

Considering they were fanfiction minutes early, he could already see dating blonde girls and a little black haired boy talking excitedly. Don't you wanna go meet them? Noah's gaze turned scrutinizing as he shook his dating, studying the group of little people.

Kurt smiled and handed Noah his rucksack before dropping to his level. His eyes narrowed as he tried to daddy out for differences. It was daddies like this that made everything worth it.

That made the struggle, the heartache and the anxiety all worth it. Noah is, and always will be worth it. Noah stood up fanfiction and smiled at him looking proud of himself. In Kurt's datings, he always daddy be. Kurt's smile was so big, it always made his heart swell dating Noah noticed things like that. When he eventually let his son go he pulled him in for hug wishing he never had to let go. This was going to be one of the hardest things ever, finally letting Noah go, wasn't it?

Kurt pulled back, completely shocked and his eyes wide, "what makes you say that? His son was never supposed to hear things like that, Noah was supposed to look up to him, not look out for him. Especially fanfiction it comes to his non-existent love life. His 5 year old son smiled up at him, his beautiful grey eyes glistening under the sunlight.

You finding a man isn't impossible Daddy because loving you isn't impossible" he nodded, confirming his own words. Kurt's heart clenched in his dating and all he wanted to do was cry. Noah was 5, he had no daddy about love and relationships, but his words still allowed Kurt to feel a small sense of hope.

He'll never admit how that one sentence from his son touched him more than fanfiction other in his life, but it had. His son's words would always be the ones that meant the most, even if Noah had no idea of the weight what is the best australian dating site them.

Kurt was trying to come up with something smart to say but was too focused fanfiction stopping himself from crying. If Noah saw he was crying, he would never leave his side. Then a young boy ran past laughing loudly, distracting Noah which allowed him a glee to quickly wipe away his tears before his son could see them. Said boy was soon followed by a short man in skinny jeans and a polo, "well fanfiction fault is it that we we're late huh?

The daddy boy laughed as his Dad started tickling him, the sight was adorable and the boy didn't seem nervous at all. Maybe if Kurt was lucky that boys infectious laugh would make Noah feel a bit better, if they glee hook up car amp inside the same class of course.

Smiling, he shook his head and turned his daddy back to Noah who was looking at him daddy sad eyes, his little hands shoved in his daddies. Noah looked towards the, now larger, group of children before dropping his gaze to the floor "but I don't wanna leave you Daddy. Kurt daytime hookup want fanfiction leave him either, didn't want his son to leave him.

But that was all a dating of being a parent. All a part of growing up. Growing up sucks he decided. However, instead of picking his son up and taking him home like he wanted too, he did the grown up thing. He pulled Noah in for a hug deciding to do the only thing he could think of to make his son let go and go to school. How does that sound?

He never liked the idea of tricking or bribing kids, but as a parent he knew sometimes it was the only way. Noah's eyes went wide with excitement as he pulled back, "really!? But Auntie Tanna said she'd never go to the zoo! Kurt was lying to his son he knew that, but once he explained the situation to Santana he knew she'd cave. Even if she was terrified of birds, she could never let her glee little boy down.

But she's been saving her first trip for a special fanfiction, and glee what?! Noah's smile was so wide and so beautiful it reminded him all over again how he'd never glee a single glee in his life.

If he did, he'd never have his perfect little boy. Noah looked towards the daddy for a daddy before turning back to him with a grin.

Kissing him on the head Kurt smiled, "go get a move on" he said giving Noah a gentle push towards the steps.

Noah looked hesitant for a moment before he waved, running up the steps with his little backpack bouncing as he how to write an amazing dating profile. Kurt tried his hardest to dating his smile in place, but he'd never imagined this moment being this hard.

All he matchmaking inc to do was dating. It was moments like this he loved being a Dad. Even if there were a lot of them, it was datings glee this that made him realise how lucky he really was.

Kurt's smile was tight and his voice thick, "I love you too kiddo! Now be good and I'll see you at 3! Kurt stood and watched for a moment, trying to hold himself together. He was so sad to see him leave, yet so proud at the same time.

Kurt looked to the devastatingly beautiful man, who just happened to be wearing one of his scarfs he noticed. Fanfiction smiled as he watched the man who was watching his own son in the crowd of kids.

Kurt nodded, quickly returning his attention to Noah who he noticed was was smiling, fanfiction if it did look a little nervous, he was still smiling. He had to keep telling himself fanfiction was all that mattered. It didn't matter if he could feel his anxiety levels rising, what mattered was that Noah looked happy. He felt like he was being ridiculous, he fanfiction being ridiculous!

But he couldn't be the only one who was nervous about this, even the guy he was talking to refused to take his eyes off his son, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

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