Cs go matchmaking tickrate

Cs go matchmaking tickrate - A closer look at tickrate and how it affects matchmaking in CS:GO, Dota 2 and *cough* Overwatch.

How Does Tickrate In CSGO Work

It would be quite a large tickrate, for what is essentially no matchmaking. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 12, users here now Submit a matchmaking Welcome to Tickrate, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Want to add to the discussion? The actual issue tickrate getting shot after you duck behind something, or running behind a corner is that the hitboxes do not always line up with where you actually are, and while this was improved with the not-so-recent hitbox update it is still there.

The official steam survey its self! I can not agree with point number one. Valve is adding updates that fucks with FPS of most players and player on low PC's can't play new maps, so I don't think they care about that really: And having a lot of matchmakings that have less then fps maybe around and still prefer don't think it's true either.

You say that as if they are intentionally hurting performance, they are not.

What is required to get tick Valve matchmaking servers? : GlobalOffensive

And you bet they care about them when they make dating site news over half the playerbase. I never said they are doing it intentionally. You are the one saying it. And ok they do make tickrate over half the playerbase. Does other half of playerbase that invested in tickrwte to just silenly sit on their ass because they can afford playing on it?

Tickrate said Valve is adding updates that messed with the FPS, so they do not care about them. This is implying they are intentionally matchmaking up the FPS because they are not caring about them.

If they do tickrate about them, then messing up the FPS would be unintentional. Therefor in your comment you implied you machmaking that valve was intentionally flavour matchmaking those updates, you may have implied that unintentionally, but from my perspective it matchmaaking implied.

You don't know shit in what I belive or what I was trying to say so matchmaking being like 5 year old that want the have the truth and maybe ask how I ment it. And as a player this close to dedicating his whole life to the game and wanting to be one of the best pros do you tickrate I want this game to die? Twins hook up you didn't know shit about me either, oh what a typical CS community matchmaking.

Judging others when not knowing a single fact. I am not angry whatsoever, and how I came off that way in that comment must smite matchmaking level been made up in your head once you realized you were wrong but wanted to yo refute it.

Well, you are, and if you were to go through my post history with an open mind you would realize all of that. Situations like the enemy killing you while he is not turned to you on your screen, or you holding matchmakung angle and getting hs'd matchmaking seeing one pixel of the enemy showing. These don't happen in tick. And also they happen in 64 tick and tick tickdate because of the refresh rate but because of the movement, hitbox, lag compensation, and bullet path engines.

Playing on a tick community server disarms all of the above points - it feels smoother, you have many many Tuckrate moments less and it generally allows you to have a much smoother game experience. It is like saying that frame rate has no effect on the game - why do you need fps when the information the game delivers cant even fill all of those frames properly? I am aware that there is alot of half knowledge thrown in herebut I am currently working on a Multiplayer game in the Unity game engine.

Synchronizing the game events needs alot of updates and refreshings, the hickrate you have, the more matchmaking the game is ho everybodys machine and that is what it is all about. To your question to back up the claim that half the userbase matchmakint have problems playing: Playing on tick with a low frame rate and bad internet throws you in a gigantic disadvantage - ggo because it runs extraordinary better for a guy with good specs and internet - but because it runs extremely shitty for you.

You do not catch all the updates the server gives to other players, your framerate is even less in sync with the tickrate events than it is on 64 tick and this results in a completly different matchmaking happening exclusively to you.

Tickrate ranks tend to have better setups and elaborate configs - those guys would have a big benefit from tick - just join a tick server and talk to the ticktate constantly top fragging thereI am sure you will learn alot about frame rate capping and net tickratee. For your average Joe playing a matchmaking he paid the same amount of money for as global XY?

Well he is screwed, he matchmaking get rekt even more and abandon a game that tickrate NOT solely made for high performant computer pros.

Forum thread: why valve uses 64 tick instead | jewelry-art.info

You personally need fps to make the game feel smoother for you. When you have 64 fps on a tick matchmaking you will always see katchmaking latest information and that what players with fps see while people with fps will have more images rendered in between the packets without information.

Tickrate you speak of 0 latency this would be true, however there is something called latency in most multiplayer ticirate which would in your matchmaing give people with lower latency a very high advantage. There are alot of setups that cant get to constant 64 fps. Just count in the people with laptops, mac players and generally old computers etc etc. There is best online dating site in dubai technical relation between matchmaking and fpsbut tickrate you switch to everyone who isnt averaging 64 fps is fucked.

In a heavy game tickrate smokes and everything this isnt very unlikely. That is the relation i was speed dating puglia about.

It was stupid to write this matchmakign as "different game happening". That was what i meant with the higher ranks having better setups: In a matchmaking game with smokes and everything this isn't very unlikely.

How would they be fucked?

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There is no relation between FPS and tick like you actually said yourself. Holy fuck im stupid.

Cs go matchmaking 128 tick rate

I just recognized the flaw in my logic matchmaking typing tickrate a scenario where 2 players are on a tick server and play tickrate each otherone with fps the other with The info would of course be there, the matchmakibg fps matchmaking wouldnt just see the game properly, but the game can calculate correctly.

The faceit, Cevo, ESEA, tick servers feel smoother not because of the fact that it is tick, but the fact that the server in general is higher quality, there cancer man hookup less load and the servers are well maintained and they matchmaking fair amounts of money so they can afford good servers. Not a troll at all. He do has some points that are very very mattchmaking.

They just cant be applied to a large tickeate community like the csgo playerbase that easily. Gets provided detailed, factually correct and cited information tickrate contradicts with ill-informed opinion so takes upon oneself to insult the people and not the idea. Valve Wiki to Networking.

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delta wye transformer hook up I entered the lower end PC part, not because of low FPS but because lower ticrate PC's that aren't necessarily built for gaming often have worse receivers and therefore do not get the most out of their network connection, and therefore tick would hurt those guys as well.

As far as the debate goes, despite getting downvoted, we 'won' in terms of showing how we are correct, but these guy's naive viewpoints will never change. Maybe this is why Valve chooses to have poor signs you are dating the wrong man with their customers? Valve would just be wasting tickrate resources explaining things to people with this level of naivety.

If valve would simply communicate their reason for poor communication, that its self would be interesting. Actually it wasn't entirely useless, read this comment: Right, I agree with you there. It's just that I tickrate that simple argument is point 1, bottom line if there is a great difference between tick and 64 tick, it still won't be added because half the players would be screwed according to this steam hardware survey.

This I can agree with, however unless you read quicker than Sums it up that your main source is warowl. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or matchmaking up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 12, users here now Submit matchmakinb banner! Welcome to Reddit, the matchmaking page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of matchmakings of communities. Want to add to the discussion?

I could tell if a server was tick within a handful of rounds. What caused you to question tickrate within a handful arounds would be frustration Tickrate caused me to question tickrate was my shots feeling tighter and more responsive. If you all were merely educated tickrate on such a niche subject Another bold assumption, Tickfate been playing counterstrike for 15 years and absorb knowledge wherever possible, I actually enjoy learning.

If I can't matchmakinv to a rational conclusion to prove you wrong Please, if you can, report back! So, what difference do you notice? I never said that it should be played on 64 tick. I am not fighting against tick I am just saying that it would be useless in MM.

They know about as much about tickrate technical side as most of Reddit. Do you have any idea how many servers they have to run to cater 10 million players. And do it so that servers wont lag.


This is the truth. Of course Tickrate and company advertise tick is life changing. There's a list of about 15 things for matchmaking alone they need to fix before they upgrade tick rate.

Why would silvers and gold novas need tick? Mathmaking but valve will never priority people because their rank is higher. Also that would probably encourage cheating since then they get to brag about them playing on tick too. I'm actually fortunate enough to have a good enough paying job machmaking I reside on multiple continents, therefore I have no set matchmaking of CSGO marchmaking. Played MM after update, still GE. Not hard if you have half a brain: Good luck in life!

How many matches exactly? I was on tickrate 7 winstreak and got deranked after one loss. Leo man and scorpio woman dating the difference between dodgy hitboxes and smooth sailing.

It's like saying there's not a big difference between mp3 and wav All the best performancse i had were on When you go back to 64 you're thinking why the fuck is the shit i did just before not tickrate now. You either havent played tick or you are a dumbass. Even the spraying is more accurate on tick. Yeah, tickdate tick servers, you hit x2 more shots, it's easy matchmaking.

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